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Catgrass Detailed Instructions

Ordered or interested in ordering our catgrass/lawn kits? Learn how to get your garden growing in easy day by day instructions. Get growing today!

Day 1

Save the cellophane wrapper your kit came in. This is going to help jump start your seeds.

Place your pre-measured seed packet in room temperature water for 8 – 10 hours. Rinse and drain water from seeds. Place seeds to the side.

Next, fill the tray back up with clean water. Place the fiber mat in the tray for a few seconds and let it soak up the water. Gently squeeze the extra water off and empty water from tray.

Next, lace pad in container. Take your seeds and empty them on top of the pad and spread them evenly out.

Place container back in cellophane wrapper and tuck the opening underneath. Place back in tray and store in a moderate temperature setting away from direct sunlight.

Day 2

Admire your seedlings.

Day 3

Remove your container from the bag and mist seeds with a spray bottle. Place back in bag.

Day 4

We are seeing green!

You can place this in sun if you like (but somewhere still hidden from impatient pets).

Day 5

When your grass gets close to the cellophane you can safely remove it for now. Give the grass a spritz with your water bottle.

You can recycle or save the bag for your next grass starting session.

Day 6

Almost there!

Day 7

Are they a good size now? You can share them now or wait a few more days.

Remember to keep the pad slightly damp and give your grass a spray every other day. This will last 2 – 3 weeks. You can start new seeds in the same pad after 2 weeks and keep watering like normal – no need to cover it back. The new grass will slowly replace the old and you’ll have another continuous 2 – 3 more weeks of enjoyment.

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