About Us

We Are Passionate About Cats

Clowder 9 started in 2015 as a way to share the passion of fostering cats and kittens to save lives. It’s such a rewarding cause and we dove in head first. The money earned is directly put back into our fosters as well as enabled us to give products and donate money directly to our local shelters and we sincerely thank our customers for making that possible.

We are blessed to have an amazing pet community where we live and a local shelter that goes above and beyond to help save the lives of each animal that passes though their doors. It takes a village and this village is amazing.

Cats Are Our Best Product Development Team

Clowder 9’s products are focused towards fostering but has been enjoyed by passionate pet owners of multiple furry varieties. The hammocks and accessories we create were a direct result of a need for our cats and fosters that we couldn’t find anywhere else.